Swimming Pool Special Features

Swimming pools from Desert Grove Pools & Spas are designed to suit each individual customer, and can incorporate a variety of sought after swimming pool special features.

Chlorine-Free Water Treatment for Private & Public Pools

During the filtration cycle, the water circulates inside the UV reactor. Bacteria, viruses and algae, subjected to UV-C radiation are inactivated without the addition of harmful by-products or chlorine.

To perfect the disinfection, the injection of BIO-UV Remanent Oxygen (exclusive product) makes the water completely disinfectant.

Chlorine-free, crystal clear & odorless water

• No chlorine, no salt: no chemical residue.
• No more irritated eyes & mucous membranes, dry skin & damaged hair.
• No unpleasant odors in the water or air.

Incomparable bathing comfort

• No risk of allergy, or respiratory infections related to chlorine (asthma, etc.).
• A water quality preserved from any contamination by microorganisms.
• No harmful chemicals.

A reliable & economical system

• Non-corrosive treatment, compatible with all types of coatings.
• No discolouration with an extended installation life.
• No overconsumption of chemicals to catch up with its water.
• A UV lamp life up to 13000 hours, or 3 years for a pool with seasonal use.

free chrlorine water treatment

For Collective (Public) Pools, the UV-C technology reduces the 3 types of chloramines (mono, di & trichloramines) as well as trihalomethanes. Ideal alternative for operators of collective structures, our systems allow professionals & users to find healthier bathing & working conditions.

disinfection uv public pool

UV benefits for public pools and water parks

• Safe and effective disinfection.
• A reduction of up to 75% of the combined chlorine rate to an average level of 0.1 to 0.3 ppm.
• Decrease in the amount of water to be renewed.
• Better air and bathing quality.
• Optimization of heating and dehumidification costs.
• Easy and quick installation with simple maintenance.
• Amortization of the facility between 9 to 24 months.
• Reduction of corrosion.
• Respect for the environment: improved image of the establishment.


Desert Grove Pools & Spas makes no compromises when it comes to the SAFETY of your project and the people involved in making your dreams a reality.

Wondeful Acryilic Pool Fun

A highly qualified team of experts for any kind of acrylic panel supply and installation. Suitable for underwater use, for any residential as well for commercial use, straightforward or complex, flat or curved acrylic panels, fully in compliance with ISO 14001 environmental certification, guarantee, apart from extreme transparency and durability, you can rest assured that your acrylic project will be handled with care. Desert Grove Pools & Spas engineering department is always ready to coordinate and to provide the correct solution, in compliance with international regulations.

swimming pool floor ceiling acrylic panel


Swimming pool lighting from Desert Grove Pools & Spas can transform the ambiance of your pool to enhance the aesthetics, whilst offering an element of safety for the evenings.

Home swimming pool lighting to dazzle

Lighting for swimming pools can come in the form of the more traditional lighting or the more modern and stylish option of fibre optic lighting and LED lighting, which allow various light settings and options, including wide or pencil beam lighting under the water, discreet lighting in the pool walls, lit racing lanes on the pool floor and lighting under the steps.

swimming pool lighting 1

Fibre optic lighting for swimming pools brings an exquisite and unique effect to create the desired luxurious pool atmosphere.

swimming pool lighting 2

Home swimming pool lighting can really help to set the tone, using fibre optic lights to create variable mood settings while being connected to your house management system.

Swimming pool lights can incorporate different colors to create different atmospheres. A sense of relaxation and calm can be created using purple or light green lighting to create a relaxing spa atmosphere at home.

For children's pool parties, brighter white light setting might be more appropriate. With so many options, Desert Grove Pools & Spas listen to client's needs and ensure their requirements are utilized in the design.


Regenerative media filters deliver superior water quality along with significant operational savings.


Our Regenerative Media Filtration have earned the reputation of the “gold standard” for recreational water and life support system filtration applications. Compared to other technologies, regenerative media filters maximize performance, efficiency and user friendliness while helping reduce environmental footprint – an outcome good for the planet. The ability to remove particles as small as one micron provides the clearest, cleanest and safest aquatics environment possible. And if that’s not enough, facility operators can achieve significant savings up to the following in several key areas: Water 90%, Space 75%, Energy 50%, and Chemicals 30%..

regenerative media filtration


Plunge to invigorating depths with a spa and plunge pool at home

A home spa pool and plunge pool offer the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation in the comfort of your home.

A spa pool (with or without bubbles) and a plunge pool (a small, deep, cold pool) can provide a relaxing and toning effect on the body.

plunge wellness 1
plunge wellness 2

The soothing effect of a spa pool or the invigorating cool water of a plunge pool can help to flush out toxins, to improve circulation and maintain a healthy heart rate.

The combination of a luxury spa pool and a plunge pool at home can create the ultimate home spa therapy experience.

Home spa and plunge pool design from Desert Grove Pools & Spas guarantees the highest quality finish to a luxurious addition to your home.


A computer vision detection system for the prevention of drowning incidents in swimming pools: it works like an “extra lifeguard” under the water of your pool.
Our object recognition software tracks the movements of all swimmers in a pool. And in the event of a serious drowning incident, the system will provide an alarm to pool lifeguards. This will help lifeguards improve their reaction-time, as they initiate a rescue.

✓ It can provide very stable monitoring and highly effective drowning incident detection.
✓ It is secure, private and customizable to be compliant with regional data protection and privacy regulations.
✓ It is suitable for any swimming pool. New pools or existing pools (full of water), all shapes & sizes, and any construction type
✓ It will deliver the absolute best-quality products, software, sales-support, service and maintenance.

anti drowing prevention system

Counter Current Units for Existing & New Swimming Pools

Bespoke Swimming Pool Design Using Counter Current Units. A counter current unit can turn a relatively small swimming pool into an exercise pool at the touch of a button.

Adding a counter current unit means the swimmer can swim against the current for as long as physically possible without needing to turn.

Adjusting the counter current machine to the swimmer’s pace it is possible to enjoy swimming in a smooth, even current.

This “swimming treadmill” is ideal for training and for use in smaller pools, and offers the benefit of being able to swim for as long as possible, without having to actually move an inch.

counter current existing swimming pool

A counter current unit, as well as being the ideal solution for swimming training, can also be the perfect addition to a family pool.

swim jet new swimming pool

Children love swimming in the river-like flow because a counter current machine can transform the swimming pool into a "mini waterpark".

A counter current unit is a high-volume pump providing a flow of water from an outlet on one side of the swimming pool. Providing a constant current in which the swimmer trains, the counter current unit is ideal for luxury properties in cities with limited space to have a traditionally large training pool.

By installing a counter current machine, the pool will make even smaller spaces feel large, and gives the feeling of your swimming pool being endless

Automation, Intelligent Systems

Make the most of your Pool and take control of your pool experience with the most user-friendly, innovative pool automation and control systems on the market. Access pool features via smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

Pool Water Treatment Automation - Pure Water

All too often, it is the swimmers who pay the price of the approximate doses and the use of incorrect chemistry. Automation and Intelligent Systems ensure quality water which does not irritate the eyes, the respiratory system, skin or mucous membranes and so helps to keep the pool what it should always be, a pleasure to use!

water treatment maintenance automation
swimming pool automation

Pool Automated Operation

Remote Control Your Pool with your App. From your pool lighting, with features such as Multi Color Lighting, to Music Animation and Fountains programming, but also controlling the level of your Movable Floor to time programming your filtration system and your pool’s water temperature. All through one Intelligent Remote Control System.


We are pleased to provide cutting edge scoring, and display products for all venues. Our display portfolio includes: LED full color video displays, sport-specific numeric LED scoreboards, and portable LED numeric scoreboards. We can provide scoring, timing, and display solutions for almost every sport.

We understand that you have a commitment to provide your athletes, coaches, and fans with an exceptional event. We look forward to helping you realize your vision, incorporate form and function, and provide reliable performance each and every time. We are pleased to be a member of many co-op programs and buy boards including:

Athletic, Physical Education, Gymnasium Supplies and Equipment and Heavy Duty Exercise Equipment and Related Accessories.

Parks and Recreation Equipment and Field Lighting Products and Installation

timing scoring system swimming pools


Water Parks | Hotels & Resorts | Aquatic & Leisure Centers | VIP & residential Properties | Camp Sites | Surf Parks | Survival training & research| We provide the best wave machines for the international water & leisure industry.

Filtration & Engineering:

Our highly experienced Filtration Design Department can offer leading edge technologies developed in-house for the water park and swimming pool industry.

VR Design:

Visit you water park before it is even built. We are always at the forefront of the waterpark industry and we are now pushing the boundaries yet again. Our Virtual Reality design packages will allow visualization of your water park before it is even built. This is a revolutionary way to experience your waterpark plans like never before, illustrating not only what the park will look like but being able to travel through your park giving the viewer a sense of scale.

wave system design solutions

Masterplanning & Design:

Providing unique and cutting-edge water park designs our Design packages range from sketch level concept design to full architectural packages, designing environments that are visually beautiful, functional, accurately budgeted, aimed at the intended audience and market while helping you plan the perfect assortment of attractions. Our talented team can also create a full Virtual Reality package, allowing your team to visit the water park before it is even built!!

wave pool community park


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