Swimming Pool Movable Floor

Who said you don’t have room for a Swimming Pool?

More Scpace


Move the floor to the lowered position and the swimming pool is ready for action.
With the floor fully raised, the swimming pool disappears.
Desert Grove Pools & Spas lets you recover precious floor space for other purposes so that you can maximize use of your entire space when the swimming pool isn’t needed.

More Savings


In the raised position, your Desert Grove Pools & Spas movable floor limits swimming pool heat loss and water loss through evaporation.
By limiting the amount of treated water you have to add and reducing demands on your pool's filtration system and heat pump, that all adds up to extra savings for you.

More Value


Desert Grove Pools & Spas enhances the value of your property and your swimming pool investment, providing a facility that outperforms the competition in terms of flexibility and the ability to host a wide variety of aquatic activities.

More Safety


The movable floor lets you control water depth, enhancing safety for children or guests. And in the floor or patio position, the raised movable floor prevents anyone from accessing the swimming pool when it’s unsupervised or not in use.

More Use


In couple of minutes, Desert Grove Pools & Spas transforms your swimming pool area into a multipurpose activity center that adapts to your events and needs, blending perfectly with your environment.

How it Works

A central Hydraulic Cylinder will pull a system of marine strap stainless steel 316 cables anchored to the bottom of the pool which allows the platform to be pulled downward below the surface to the desired depth.

The pulling force will act against the upward floating force exercised by the high density foam elements, placed and secured under the platform.

The permanently tensioned straps ensure the stability of the platform and the casters  prevent horizontal movement.

Can you imagine a swimming pool that also doubles as a dance floor with a live load capacity of 80kg/m2 of, which means for example for a swimming pool with a srface area of 50 m2, you can accommodate up to 50 people standing on the movable floor simultaneously without anyone noticing whats below their feet!

Double the Space

A space that transforms seamlessly and safely from one function to another, doubling your floor area and adding valuable square meters to your property.

A swimming pool that can be what you want it to be - simultaneously a deep diving pool, a child friendly shallow depth swimming pool or a mid depth swimming pool for exercise and water games which can be completely closed for security.

Custom Design

Each project we undertake is specifically designed as our team works in partnership with your pool builder and architect to realize your unique and individual requirements.

The many Benefits of a Movable Floor

  • Quick settings for every required fixed or sloping water depth
  • Secure & EasyConnect operation from your smartphone, Safe & Clean
  • Creates a heat-insulating cover
  • High load-bearing capacity & stability up to 80kg/m2
  • Finish of your choice, with composite wood, porcelain or natural stone
  • Integrated movable steps optional
  • Most Competitive Price in the Market Guaranteed
  • No guides required in the swimming pool wall
  • Minimum built-in height
  • Also suitable for existing pools

A Connected Product

Supported by an electronic board and an application to able you to control the movable floor directly from your smart phone.


A Simple System

The simplicity of use and the low impact on the pool, makes our system suitable for individuals and professionals.

easy install

Quick Installation

Desert Grove Movable Floor is installed within 6 to 8 days by two people, including the final coating. It is integrated without alteration to existing pools.

Movable Floor Swimming pool where technology meets beauty

Desert Grove Pools & Spas lets home owners, condo, mix-use, rental and hotel managers equip their properties with a valuable multipurpose space combining the flexibility of a variable-depth swimming pool and fully usable floor space.

natural wood movable floor

Our movable floors let you offers you a swimming pool space you’ll love, featuring great looks and cutting edge technology ideally suited to their lifestyles and needs.

The Flex Space Solution for the Best of the Worlds

Space is a luxury—and Desert Grove Pools & Spas technology brings it home to you.
With a movable floor pool, you can reconfigure your home environment exactly as you please, transforming your swimming pool into additional patio or floor space and back again in just minutes! Dare to turn your dreams into reality today.

Our innovative Desert Grove Pools & Spas movable floor solution is a great way to create a multipurpose swimming pool and living space ideally suited to modern living. What’s more, the mobile floor accommodates a wide range of architectural finishes to perfectly match your indoor or outdoor environment.

Versatility, Multi-purpose & ultimate Safety at the touch of a button

The "pool" area of a movable floor pool can be transformed for entertaining or exercise, with the Desert Grove Pools & Spas movable floor designed to take heavy loads of people and furniture.

Any Type of Finish

Natural Stone, Porcelain Tiles, or Composite Wood - Using a floor finish identical to the surrounding floor, visitors may not even be aware that the pool exists beneath their feet while the swimming pool water remains underneath, circulating through the filtration system as normal.

Basements & Indoor Movable Floor Pools

A Desert Grove Pools & Spas movable floor swimming pool is ideal for any properties in cities with limited space. By installing a swimming pool with a movable floor in a basement for example, the property will feel as though it has been expanded, without enlarging the property's footprint or losing any rooms

indoor movable floor

Always the Right Depth

The movable floor can be adjusted to variable depths for various purposes; such as paddling for non-swimmers, swimming lessons, aqua aerobics or hydrotherapy. With a Desert Grove Pools & Spas movable floor pool, you can modify the depth of your swimming pool quickly, easily and with infinite variations.

You can choose to set a fixed or a sloping depth for your pool. This allows your pool to have maximum options, comfort and swimming fun for every age. Desert Grove Pools & Spas will produce the pool floor fully in accordance with your requirements - with a slope setting, independent swimming zones, variable parts and integrated steps. A Desert Grove Pools & Spas movable floor can be installed with a minimal built-in height of 30cm, which means existing pools are left with enough swimming pool depth. The construction guarantees optimum safety and water hygiene.

patio pool

Pool becomes Patio, Patio becomes Pool

The adjustable floor depth and the versatile function – from swimming pool floor to patio and insulating cover – makes the movable floor an interesting option for any private pool.

With a Desert Grove Pools & Spas movable floor pool, you can turn your swimming pool into a safe paddling pool for the little ones or into a sports and leisure swimming pool for adults.

The position of the Desert Grove Pools & Spas movable floor is adjusted fully automatically, either horizontal or sloping. In its raised position, the Desert Grove Pools & Spas movable floor turns your swimming pool into a strong patio that can serve as a dance, fitness or party floor.

At the same time, the patio is an insulating cover that produces significant savings on the energy consumption for cooling of your pool. A Desert Grove Pools & Spas movable floor makes your swimming pool comfortable, versatile, safe, clean and energy saving.

It is most certainly a justifiable (depth investment) for your existing or new pool.

More Space, More Activities

The Movable Floor raised up, you can enjoy on this extra backyard space created your daily activities and hobbies of your choice.

ping pong movable floor

heat insulating movable floor

Heat Insulating Cover

In its raised position, the movable pool floor is above the water surface. It provides the perfect heat-insulating cover and produces significant savings on the pool’s energy costs. As a cover, the floor also reduces water evaporation. In indoor pools this has the additional benefit of less condensation and corrosion.

Movable Floor for Large Commercial Projects

Desert Grove provides communities, schools, national training centers, and competition facilities with the ADVANCED solution of movable pool floor for large commercial projects that meet all international rules and standards. Desert Grove Pools & Spas lets you offer a host of aquatic activities to meet a wide range of different user needs.

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commercial movable floor

Walkable Floor

The floor can be walked on and is completely safe. It is that strong that is suitable as a dance or fitness floor. Secure operation, safe and clean. The construction guarantees optimum safety and water hygiene.

wedding movable floor

Why Select a Desert Grove Movable Floor Pool?

Desert Grove Pools & Spas offers complete bespoke design and build turnkey solutions and benefits from in-house teams in design, engineering, water treatment, finishes, service and more.